How do you qualify a mental disorder?   I’m disordered, perfectionist I’m perfect I’m me Me: Mental. Disordered?   How do you tell an eight-year-old she doesn’t need to color-code her vocab words in blues and grays in orderly, disorder? “A+: nice work”? Nice work. By her. By it? Disorder?   How do you tell…… Continue reading Diagnosis

The People Watcher’s Chronicles

The People Watcher’s Chronicles: The Wormhole Coffee, 1462 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL When swampy nectar meets my glance, I’ll squint, so Business-Suit-Man, smothered in mocha char, can’t hide the cubicle tethers he guards like pagers at soccer games. He sinks. Soon my java eyes will swerve, immerse Mis-Print- Daughter-Of-Priests, estranged I’m sure, her shark…… Continue reading The People Watcher’s Chronicles