Who is this prairie girl?

I am a student, distance runner, tree-hugger, traveler, wonderer, daughter, friend, and baby sister living in the Iowa Prairie. My favorite means of traveling is running, although I love to explore this world by hiking and biking as well. Besides active, outdoor activities, I love to cook and bake and believe that a just food system, where everyone has access to healthy, local, unprocessed, fresh food is a human right. I am passionate about environmental justice, and sustainability, and get way too caught up in political arguments. Writing (poetry, short story) has always been a way for me to process my own thoughts, as well as the often-conflicting injustice and beauty that I see around me.

What is this prairie blog?

This blog is primarily for me. It serves as a place for me to write my “notes” and reflections on both my own ┬álife, and the world around me. This blog will take the form of poems and recipes, two mediums by which I find it truly interesting to tell stories and process all of life, the good and the not-so-good, and the in-between. Although, I like to believe that even in the not-so-good, there are learning experiences to be had. If anyone else finds this blog and is able to use it to reflect on their own life, that is just an added bonus.